Friday, April 15, 2011

Yay, UPS, you found me

Guess what came in the mail?

If you read my blog, you'd know. But since I have no "followers", you are probably reading these posts in reverse order, so you wouldn't know yet. Unless you guessed by the previous posts (my future, unwritten posts) what I might be referencing. Or, you really do follow me, discreetly. Which, by the way, is stealing my tactic -- although, not with blogging as I do that "publicly" -- I meant stalking. Kidding!! Or am I? Hahah.

So what was I rambling about, now? Oh yes, my delivery! Anytime UPS delivers my package, I can't help but be happy.

I had one really bad experience with UPS about a year ago, and I still haven't forgiven them.
They delivered my package, on time, correct street, wrong state. At the time, we were living on Queen Street, which is a common street name, like 5th Avenue or Center Street, but in an address, you'd think the city, state, and zip code would be the dead giveaway. What's worse, is that UPS tried to be sneaky and swap the delivery date on me. I actually saw the tracking that said it was on-time, and "Out for Delivery" in Texas! I don't know which TX delivery route swings by Hawaii, but it must be the longest route ever and I would hate that shift! Needless to say, after the failed delivery attempt the arrival date tacked on 2 extra days -- as if that was the date all along, I received my package.
So I'm happy for yet another received parcel!

Can you tell I'm stalling? Ok, I'll get on with it:

I received my Epic tool, letterpress combo kit, and a bunch of accessories! I'm still waiting on a few more, but enough to drool over for now.

I played with the flower die-cut and made an inkless letterpress (is it just called "embossing" if there is no color?) with scrap paper. Nothing exciting yet, but I will try it out and share the details!

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