Friday, April 22, 2011

Judas kiss

No, I'm not upset about anything and I don't feel betrayed. I just figured that with it being Good Friday and all (and you know how religious I am, I'm not), it would be a segue into blogging about lies and betrayal. Don't get your panties in a knot, I'm not talking about the serious, hurtful kind. I'm talking about online identities.

The internets are filled with lies.

I could post things here and you wouldn't know if I'm telling the truth or it's some false reality I've conjured up. It's like Brad Paisley - Online. I could say that I drive a Maserati and have a black belt in Karate, too. See, I actually know of someone that has a Masarati coupe and I could totally take a picture of it. Then, to make it more believable, I would post it on a weekend, and a casual caption like, "Lazy Sunday. Washed and waxed."

I'm not saying I lie in my posts, but if I were, what purpose would that fill? I'm blogging because I like writing, and it's a motivator. Even though, in this point of time, I have ONE FOLLOWER (thanks, Ryan), writing this blog keeps me accountable. I'm sure it's probably more effective with other blogs that have thousands of followers. Regardless, one or one thousand, someone is reading.

However, I might not be telling the whole truth. I used to put bloggers on a pedestal because they managed to have eventful lives and the time to blog about it. I've found that the trick to blogging is to write posts ahead of time and schedule them to go up daily or more frequently. Sure there's something new everyday, but that doesn't mean it was written that day.

Another trick that I've observed is that some bloggers carefully break apart posts to allow for maximum breaks and still achieve satiety. It's those posts that come in a series, they keep you coming back for more: Frock by Friday, I'm sure talented people can make a dress in one day (or in some places 50), but by breaking it into 5 parts, you have 5 unique posts to keep your blog active. And Once Upon a Thread or Free Pattern Month, having guest posts are also a cheat because you don't actually come up with the post, other people do -- and hosting a series of them means a whole lot of unique posts. Don't get me wrong. I love following both of those bloggers, but only after struggling to did I realize there are ways to keep up the blog without having to give up the primetime line-up.

Here's what inspired this post:
For Easter, we bought our nephew a cute, felt-crafted, R2-D2 shirt. The shirt, along with other gift items are just piled in the corner of the room. In the pile, I saw coordinating shorts and slippers that are actually part of another outfit intended for our other nephew's first birthday. I laid everything out and thought if it were for the same person. it would be a cute match-up. So, I took a picture.

I wanted to blog about it, but my only follower would know the truth in the picture, despite the story I probably would have invented to go along with it. I didn't say I wasn't lying, either. Really, though, I'm not.

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