Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Starting a new project

Gasp! Yes, that is correct. In the downtime of planning a birthday bash, I'm taking on new projects. It really is a lot of work to be a blogger/crafter! I need topics to blog if I want to be a blogger and I need projects to craft if I want to be a crafter. Two birds, one stone.

When I was pregnant in 2009-2010, I was inspired to pull out my sewing machine and start making my own items. Maternity and baby items are so costly and have a limited set of patterns. So, I made my own hospital gown and nursing cover. I received so many compliments, I felt flattered! Trust me, for a pregnant woman/post-partum mother, that feeling is gold.

I wanted others to feel flattered, too, so I started making the nursing covers for friends and co-workers as shower gifts. I even expanded to matching burp cloths! I reserved the gowns for close friends, making an entire matching set.

This project is to expand on my baby items. I will be making a changing pad clutch.

Changing pads are useful for laying baby down when there is no clean surface or when you don't want to take a chance that baby might soil whatever is below. Public changing areas are filthy! You don't know who else was using it or when was the last time it was cleaned. I always put a changing pad down so Ella does not come in contact with the surface. If it's especially dirty, I'll use a disposable changing pad beneath the one I usually use.
I like to have a few, so I always have one when I wash the others. What's the point of having your own 'clean' pad if you don't keep it clean? Hopefully, this will be easy enough to make a bunch and can be gifted as a set in itself.

So far, I only have the pieces cut:

In sewing terminology, is there a word for having everything prepped like in cooking's mise en place? Oh wait, nevermind. In sewing, you're supposed to cut out all the pieces first.

I have other things going on this week, so I will post updates as this project progresses.

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