Monday, April 18, 2011

More planning

We have an appointment with the banquet hall to make the arrangements for Ella's party.

We have to choose the room decor, select the entrees, decide on bar options, and book a hotel room.

Going with her theme, Pink Lemonade, I'm hoping they have a dark pink color for the napkins. I'd be okay with a pastel yellow or green, too.

We have to select 2 entrees, but it's so hard to decide! The food at Hale Koa is delicious, and I'm hardly ever disappointed. Hopefully, Ryan will be the firm hand and not let me add an additional entree. Good thing we decided on < 100 guests. Otherwise, I might elect for a carving station!

Another tough decision is the bar. I know it's a First Birthday, and probably shouldn't include a bar. Realistically, the amount of underage attendees is in the single digits and we're in Hawaii. Beer should be in the buffet line.
The buffet includes coffee and tea, but I wonder if we can just do a beer and soft drink host bar? I'd hate to make people pay $4 for a small diet coke.

Lastly, the hotel room. It would be Ella's first time in a hotel, so I'm not sure how well she'll take it. I'm just thinking about logistics, it would be great to have a room to store the center pieces and favors and not have to rush between the house and the party, and back. It'd also be good to unwind after the party and get to hang out in Waikiki, which we hardly ever do.

This blogging stuff is great! Gets all my thoughts out so I'm less likely to forget something. Hopefully.

Update: We were not able to book a hotel room. Due to the timing, they're completely booked! ..and there's a waitlist! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to figure something else out. I'm so glad it's a holiday weekend. I couldn't imagine having to stress out so much and have to go to work the next day.

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