Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Upcoming celebration

With Ella's first birthday less than two months away, we've been busy planning her party.

I planned my own wedding, but I think my investment (personal and financial) was greater then, and things were getting done in a timely way. Now, it's a much smaller scale and less formal, so I've been procrastinating -- a lot.

I had this brilliant idea that I would do a "pink lemonade" theme, inspired by a dress at Gymboree.

Do you know how hard it is to find summery, citrus-inspired craft supplies?! I settled for ordering the invitations through Sam's Club Photo. What a deal, 100 for only $25.00! Granted I won't be using all 100, it was still much cheaper than ordering them through the more popular online vendors(our Christmas card was about $80, for 75 photo cards...). There is less selection for the layout and colors, but luckily, I found one perfect for the color scheme AND there was a "1" incorporated in the design of the card!

In true Ryan and Randi fashion, we're doing giveaways at the party. However, this will be Ella's first giveaway. We're not sure what we're going to give out, or how, but the first prize of the party will be with a secret QRCode insert to be included with the invitation:

I know this picture keeps popping up, but it's so darn cute! Ella is a really goofy kid and makes this squinty face immediately after a 'nice' smile. It's as if she's got a sneaky inside joke. It took us forever to catch it, well, between her 'nice' smiles and bashful head tilts. Sigh, a ham like her mommy.

Ryan helped me with the QRCode. I'm still working on the website and form, but I have a few days before we send it out.

For our wedding reception, I recall we gave away desktop calendars, a luggage scale, a Coca-cola mini fridge, a handful of other things, with the grand prize being an iPod Shuffle. I think we may have a Shuffle again, or maybe a Fenix compact LED flashlight? Gift certificate? I need to think about this more.

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