Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slow week

I probably won't have much time to craft this week/weekend. My sinuses are congested and it's difficult to focus, let alone do the three-dimensional imagining needed for projects. That and community service on Saturday for the Hawaii Foodbank. Then we're celebrating birthdays for my sister's friend and her sister (we're all close, so it's like my own sisters' birthdays). I still have to come up with gifts. So maybe crafting is necessary? I just need to find the energy. Sigh.

I want to make this purse. It's been on my list for some time now. It's the second purse I've ever wanted to make (will post later about the first). Although, in my current state, if I start this project, it will end up like the first (ha, inside joke, I really need to post about the first attempt).

I have these fabrics:

August Fields by Amy Butler are a home decor fabric

I love the thickness and think it would make a durable bag that's more pliable than canvas. I'm in a bind because I originally wanted it to make zabuton (floor seat cushions)for the living room. I may need to find a fabric that speaks only "purse". Otherwise I may get stuck and want to save it for something else.

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