Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It was EGGstra-terrestrial!!

As usual, we played some crazy games. They were Easter-modified versions of Minute to Win It games.

The first game was a modified Jingle in the Trunk. The object was to bounce Easter eggs out of a basket that was constructed to only allow one egg out through a narrow hole, at a time. The second game was a modified Face the Cookie. Moving a peep down the forehead, across the face, and into the mouth.

I have some pictures, but I'm sure my family would appreciate them not becoming property of the internets and seen by everyone in the world.

Anyway, we had some fun dyeing eggs. Ella made one. No picture. It was dropped, twice. And thrown on the ground. And stepped on. Yeah. That was enough dyeing for her. We'll try again next year. Although she did a pretty awesome job of dyeing both of us green! Yes, like my alienegg. So, I colored a bunch:

We had a pretty good turn out and it was not bad for a last minute Easter dinner! We had prime rib, crab legs, portuguese bean soup, shrimp scampi, and pork adobo. Mmm, I'm content and ready for my food-coma!

The prime rib was pre-seasoned by way of Costco. Derishus! Ryan did a pretty great job of carving it. :)

Hope all your Easter was fun, too!

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