Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pocket pockets

Last month, Ryan forwarded me numerous links to his frequented EDC (every day carry) forums, with the expectation that I would make a similar contraption to hold his EDC stash.

Maybe it was my time of the month, or something, because it made me overly emotional. Emotional, not because he expected me to make one for him, but that he believed I could.

So I've been saying lately that I really want to be a crafter, right? I'm not very skillful in sewing, never took a formal class, let alone designed my own pattern. Sure, I can follow a pattern or modify an easy one for simple added features, but create an entirely, customized project?? That's a lot of faith in my abilities! One more reason he's such a great husband: he's supportive.

So, first, we took measurements of three different pants' pockets (shorts, jeans, khakis). Since this is supposed to be for EDC, we wanted to make sure it would fit in all his pockets. Next, we measured the different things he would like to carry: a 4Sevens flash light, Leatherman multi-tool, a pen, with additional space capacity for earbuds, coins, etc.

Using the basic measurements and scrap fabric, I created a prototype.

It isn't perfect, but it was just intended to be a test run -- was the size ok? did the EDC items fit well? It's a good thing I made a prototype. He decided, in lieu of a pen, he wanted to carry a defense device and an emergency whistle.

With the new requirements, I made version 2:

With a few minor adjustments, I'm ready for final production.

What an inventive weekend! I will post up pictures when I have the finished pocket.

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