Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finished: Changing Pad Clutch

The first nursing cover I made was definitely a draft needing revision. I didn't know how to sew on bias tape, made the straps too long, put the corset boning on funny, etc.

I was following instructions, but in sewing personal items, you learn they need to be made for the person. In subsequent versions, I added terrycloth pockets; figured out how to hem the edges nicely; allowed the recipient to choose between a D-ring strap, tie strap, or elastic neck band; and learned how to reinforce the edge around the boning. It was a while before I could say I was genuinely happy with the final product.

Here's one of my latest versions with matching hospital gown (made for a very good friend's baby shower gift):

Her theme for her baby was "Owl" prints, so I found this very cute Owl print and a contrasting Granny Apple print. I also made burp cloths using these two prints and a third print with pink and bright orange swirls. Hopefully she got full use out of the gift (and may be interested in helping me network when I decide to make a business out of my crafts.

Anyway, with this mentality that "practice makes perfect", I know there is a lot I could improve on. But, not bad for a first attempt:

See the little one testing it out? She was actually busy playing with her piano bench, which she uses as a mini table to hold her cereal snack. You know, just her height to grab a quick bite between shaking her baby booty. I had to lure her to lay down with a snack (see her hand in her mouth), she immediately rolled over and made a bee-line back to her bench.

It's a good thing I put a little bit of batting to add cushion. The floor couldn't have been very comfortable, and those pull down changing tables look just as hard. In future versions, I plan to make the pocket into a pillow, the strap in a better location for better weight distribution when hooked on to a stroller, and possibly a better means of securing it in a clutch shape.

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