Friday, April 29, 2011

All the animals at the zoo, look like YOU

Today was Ella's first visit to the Honolulu Zoo. Actually, any zoo -- or anywhere with more than three types of animals at one time.

I took off to watch Ella, and Ryan took off to spend the day with us! It was a nice early birthday present to have a "Family Day" with my two faves :)

Ella's cousins also came with us.

Even though the zoo is under construction (building a new Elephant Habitat) and there were a limited amount of animals (one of the rhinos is sick, we saw it hooked up on an IV and a car with veterinarians drove up!), it was a lot of fun!

Ella and the Elephant

Daddy and Ells

Ella's favorite part seemed to be the petting zoo. She was so brave, she walked right up to a goat and started petting it, then she walked over to another goat and touched his head! It was too cute.

We're all exhausted. I think it's time for bed!

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