Friday, April 8, 2011

Awaiting a special delivery

For the past two weeks, I've been itching to treat myself to something fun. In my Dashboard, See Kate Sew posted a giveaway for an Epic Letterpress. I was hooked, that is what I wanted. I entered the contest, but unfortunately did not win. She did, however, post a promo code to receive 20% off a purchase from Lifestyle Crafts.

Ryan insisted I treat myself. Secretly, I believe he wants an excuse to treat himself as well. Anyway, I held off on it. $135.99 is a BIG treat, even down from the original $169.99. Ryan said I should just use the promo code since it's available. I restrained. Hey, you never know when ShoeDazzle might come up with a pair that I can't live without and make the switch from browser to monthly shopper. By chance, I stumbled onto Amazon and saw that the combo kit was on sale for $86.76! That's 49% off the regular price.

After telling Ryan, he insisted even more. He actually told me, "Stop talking and do more buying. Might as well get everything you want." Lucky me! I ended up getting the Letterpress combo kit, 4 printing plates, 4 different ink colors, cleaning cloths, and a flower die-cut set. All for the price of the regular price + S&H.

I can't wait to get my box; I'm so impatient. If only Hawaii wasn't so far from the mainland.

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