Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So many streamers!

And that's not including the two "design" streamers: magenta with white dots and black and white zebra print.

I told you it'd be colorful. Time for some ruffles!

Ryan took a look at the ruffle tutorial from my previous post and said "OHH that's what you're doing. What are you going to do with them?"

Centerpieces!! I bought a bunch of colorful beach pails with shovels. I picked the girliest, pink lemonade-y matching sets that I could find, and plan on having the ruffles go around the pail in colorful stripes. Of course, it's totally not practical for taking to the beach -- but we're not beach people.

The pails will be filled with colorful candies and snacks, wrapped in a clear cellophane, and tied off with a bunch of birthday balloons.

A combination of three: (1) Happy 1st Birthday mylar, (2) of Sunshine Yellow, Orange Peel, Magenta, and Pretty Pink latex baloons. I should've just bought a bunch for fun, and Ella could have had them. Ahh well, we'll be able to take photos at her party in a month -- A MONTH! Ells will be ONE in a month!! Too fast, too fast.

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