Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rearranging rooms

We're planning on hosting a large party at our house for Thanksgiving. Not as grandiose as the Halloween party we went to, but were looking at about 50 people? or more?

Anyway, we've had large parties in the past, but since the last party we've added more furniture to our rooms: the current setup is just not conducive to a large flow of people.

I'm not the biggest on feng shui, I just want a room to feel right and make the most sense. When I was in high school and college, I actually enjoyed rearranging my bedroom every few months. It felt different and gave me a renewed sense of space. Now, it's just not so practical--living with my husband and the toddler that crawls into our bed in the middle of the night deters my need for constant change. Plus being pregnant and unable to move heavy objects doesn't help either.

Anyway the goal for this weekend is to rearrange the living spaces downstairs to accommodate the upcoming holidays. Wish us luck!

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