Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of blah blah blah

Guess who made 30 days of blogging?!?  ME!!

Honestly, in the beginning, I was tempted to schedule 30 different posts and just let it publish a 'new' one everyday.  I don't think I even scheduled more than a day or two out at a time.  Usually it was written during the day and scheduled to publish in the afternoon (you know, in case I had second thoughts).

It's amazing that I actually posted every day.  Ryan complained about my blogging maybe enough times to count on one hand?  I think it helped that I didn't waste too much time trying to find something to post about, although most of the topics were things on my mind for the day or just random stuff.

Oh well, I actually survived NaBloPoMo.  Maybe next year I'll link up to one of those blogs that get people to read your stuff, you know, so someone actually reads this stuff.  Or not.

On a funny note, here's a picture I got from my co-worker.  The email subject said it was a picture of me:

Silly, I'm not a stick with a baby in my mid-section!  I'm 42 inches around the waist and right on schedule (vertically 33 cm).  So there... just because some days my joints don't hurt and I don't have to waddle, and from behind I don't look pregnant, doesn't mean I'm a stick.  Plus, my hair is straight and I have bangs.

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