Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family bowling

Every year, my family gets together to bowl. It's been going on for what? 40-something years? Or longer?

Back in the day, it would be on New Years Eve and followed by a large party with strands of 100,000 firecrackers, suckling pig over a fire, and lots of uncles and aunties laughing with beer breath. Now that the families have grown and have families of their own, maybe there will be a potluck following bowling or maybe a small gift exchange among families.

Now that we have Ella and one on the way, it's a little more difficult to participate. I definitely can't bowl, but at least Ella has an interest. With a little bribing she bowled 10 frames!

She'd rather play arcade games, but she did want to keep the alley shoes!

She's a 6 1/2, but the smallest they had was a 9. Paper towels are great for more than stuffing your bra... Oops, I meant drying up spills! ;)

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