Thursday, November 15, 2012

1001 reasons

There is a local custom derived from a Japanese tradition of folding cranes to show dedication and perseverance. Usually it's done by a bride-to-be prior to the wedding to show her dedication and loyalty to her soon-to-be husband. I've seen them on long strands and hung decoratively at a wedding. More commonly, the couple will send them off to have the flat cranes arranged in the shape of something significant. The easy way is to line them up and have a stencil display the design, but I think it's more dramatic to arrange the cranes into the design. It's also more bad-A if you do it yourself!

For our wedding we folded 1001 cranes together and I arranged them to have it framed. After the reception,
The break down crew bumped it and pieces fell off. It's been 4 years, but we finally fixed it!

Since it was professionally framed, we had to cut off the backing and remove the glazier points before we could start repairs. Not to mention repeat the process to reassemble.

It took a few days to tack down every crane with E-6000 (I never knew of this awesomeness before, else I would've used it to begin with), but I admit, it was worth it.

Ryan even mounted it in our living room! Isn't it gorgeous?

After all that hard work, it's a good thing we spent $700 for museum glass ;)

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