Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drawing a blank

Recently, I've been seeing links for Pregnancy Brain popping up on sidebars.  Which may or may not be related to the shock I felt when I realized my search cache dictated what advertisements I see (yes, I hold a BBA in MIS, shaddup).  I haven't specifically looked up the term this time around, so it's not just a dumbfounded moment.  I've really been feeling my mental acuity is not quite as sharp as normal.

Today, I have proof.  Part of what I do includes updating a tracking system with information and soft copies of files to support such information.  This is where it gets really weird, I scanned in a document for "Tom" and labelled it, "Scott".  There is no one, has never been anyone while Ive worked here in the last five in a half years, named "Scott".

I am so beyond the point of having "Brain Farts", these are "Brain Sharts".  Instead of my brain deflating in a quiet pffffft, other stuff unintended stuff shoots out.

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