Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dealing with kids

This post has been modified to prevent any potential hard feelings.  Really, my life has enough drama in it, I don't need more because someone read my blog and decided to get mad.

I'm very confused when it comes to kids.  I mean, I watch how other kids seem to terrorize their parents or act in ways that would certainly drive me crazy and the excuse of the parent is, "You wait until you have kids." or "You wait until Ella goes through this phase." and "At this age, they don't know any better".  So okay, I have a kid.  She's currently a little diva toddler.  But she never acts in those ways (for long).  I'm not saying I'm a better parent.  Far from it actually, I know I could be better, more understanding, more supportive.  I just don't understand why some kids seem to get away with murder.

Okay, maybe not murder, but something close.

Parents need to stop making excuses for their kids.  They may not know better, but parents shouldn't let their kids go on terrorizing because of it.  I'm slowly starting to realize all those times that a parent has told me, "You wait until you have kids."  There was always a way that the behavior could have been corrected.  It annoys me.  Don't tell me how my kid is going to act because you can't control your kid.

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