Thursday, November 29, 2012

Decorations are up

Last night, after the art sesh, we went downstairs to decorate the living room.

We're hosting my friends' holiday get-together at our house this year, but there is no way that I can keep up with the our hostess friend's mad design skills. She seriously makes her house look like the interior of Pier 1!

Anyway, since this will be the last opportunity for a pink Christmas (we'll be more gender friendly next year for Everett's first Christmas), Ella and I are sticking with a pink, black, and sparkly color scheme.

If you're wondering, yes, the tv is on. We're listening to KSSK's all-day Christmas music. I love it!

Ella does a really great job hanging ornaments. For all of 2 minutes. She was more entertained with her blood orange. I'm sure if we were glueing glitter and rhinestones to a construction paper tree she would be occupied for 2 hours!

I still need to think about a wreath, I've just been so busy crafting other stuff, I haven't really had a chance to think of something yet. I better get on it, the party is in 3 weeks (oh yah, and I'm due in 6)!

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