Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Party favors

So we've been slacking in the birthday planning department.

The RSVP deadline was last week, so the total plus the 10 late responses, we have a new estimated head count of 75.

Initially, we wanted to make mock Starbucks VIA sleeves to hold packets if Pink Lemonade (her theme), decorated with circle punches and embossed citrus stamp circle punches.

Due to my laziness, we had to think of a new plan, as those sleeves are very time consuming to cut out on my Cricut (thanks, Ryan for making the quick cut SVG anyway) and buying 23 boxes (3 pp * 75 ppl = 225 / 10 in a box) was just not feasible, considering we'd have to probably hit up both Target locations and return after they restock.

So our new favor design:

Those are the 2 oz Ready-to-feed, Similac bottles. We saved them for this purpose from the day we started using them. My aunty suggested we hold on to them (in the fashion of new parents collecting baby food jars to use as favors), and good thing we did!

I've wrapped the bottle with a piece of wrapping paper slightly smaller than 3" x 5". The great part about this, is that it's really quick. Quick to cut the rectangles, quick to apply adhesive, quick to be done!

In each bottle, I will put three butterfly lollipops. Now that I think about it a little more, I'm thinking I may need to dress it up a bit more, so what do you think? An extra layer of cellophane tied at the bottleneck with ribbon?

I'm trying to be more efficient and doing one task at a time, but hopefully it will not be for waste. >>I still need to figure out what to do with the circle punches everyone already helped me stamp/punch!

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