Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh crepe

I'm not one to blurt out obscenities, and I usually sound goofy doing it. That was my attempt. Anyway, the topic of today's post: crepes are delicious!

Hidden under this mixed green salad is a savory crepe.

A few weeks ago, my college classmate took me to La Crepe Cafe that opened up on Fort Street. I had a Moulin rouge (savory crepe with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, tomatoes, and turkey) AND a Caramel (sweet crepe with caramel creme sauce). Yes, AND. And, it was delicious! Don't get me wrong, both were very filling. I just have a stomach for meals, and second stomach for sweets. Plus, it's such a far walk, I'm sure I burned off 1.5 calories getting there.

So today, I had to go back to make sure it was as delicious as I remembered it. And it is. Next time I'll try something else wink.

I don't know why my coworkers think I'm an awesome (food) salesperson. I'm not even an expert foodie, nor am I really passionate about food. They say that the way I describe food just makes everything sound so delicious. Maybe it's in pronunciation?

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