Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Centerpieces are done!

Yes! I was worried I was running out of time, but they are finally out of the way.

"So soon?", you ask, "Isn't her birthday 4 days away?". Correct, but, I have to work late Friday night, and won't be home until 7-something. And Saturday, we'll be up on the north shore for my dad's 1-year memorial service for most of the day. That just leaves today and tomorrow.

I still need to work on the timeline, program script, and wrapping the giveaways, but that's all minor details. The bulk of everything is done!

I did convince Ryan to let me sew a small project. In one of the goodie bags, I wanted to put an art journal and crayons. The recipient is a 4 year old girl. So I got a marble composition book that is split page for drawing and a story, and a set of crayons. I wanted to decorate it, and saw a tutorial to sew a journal cover.
I made it, but it was too small:

So I re-did it. I simplified it (no scrap fabric strip) and added a grosgrain bookmark:

I love how finishing a project makes me feel so accomplished. Yipee!

I wanted to make 2 more, but if that's too ambitious, I may just use cardstock. We'll see how short I am on time tomorrow.

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