Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger was down

I know I shouldn't procrastinate, but I do. When I was attempting to post last night, there were errors and I wasn't able to connect to Blogger. So I missed yet another day's post.

Oh well, It's Friday! Friday! Friday! Looking forward to the weekend~

Hopefully, Ella is feeling better (in the post intended for last night, I mentioned how Ella is sick). As of this morning, she's still coughing, but her fever is down. It melts my heart when she's sick. She's still energetic and talkative, but then she'll shoot you these really pitiful looks with big sad eyes and rest her head in exhaustion -- then jump up and run around flinging picture frames off shelves and eating things off the ground. This kid, I tell ya. Ryan and I are wrapped.

Up for this weekend:
Shabu Shabu!
I love Hot Pot. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow, but if not, I'll have a detailed report on Sunday of the delicious veggies and meat options!

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