Friday, May 20, 2011

Interior designing

While at Home Depot (purchasing a "disaster dump pot"(5 gallon bucket) and a ceiling fan for the spare room), I had the bright idea to not only convert the spare room into a craft room, but to transform it to an Inspiration Room!

I wandered into the paint aisle and started browsing color samples. I thought to myself, "What color would I not get sick of?"

Initially, I thought maybe something bright, like a canary yellow. No, too sunny. Maybe a pink? No, too girly. With Ella's room all pinked out, that's too much. Maybe ORANGE! No, I'm sure it would throw off the lighting and hinder my crafting. How about teal?

I was actually looking for something a little more blue, but I think I might need to look in a kids section or the Disney collection for it.

Anyway, in my head, I picture the room with white trim, wood shutter-style blinds, and red closet doors.

Ryan asked me for an example. I told him it's in my head, but he seems to think I saw a picture somewhere. I tried searching, but no luck. He's just going to have to trust me on this one.

He's started by helping me install the fan, check out Mr. Handyman's work:

Isn't he the greatest? Although, I'm not sure about the brown. Is the honey wood color ok? Or should I flip the fan blade to the white. Maybe after the room is painted I can make a better decision. Also, I am going to need to do something about those fan pulls. I think we need to finish the preparations for Ella's Birthday party this weekend anyway, so I may get to take a trip to Ben Franklin. ;)

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