Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm still here

I guess Judgement Day came and went, but we're still here.

We hung out with Ryan's friends at the beach house for a while, and lazed the afternoon away.

Then we met up with some of my co-workers and friends. We were sitting around chatting when someone mentioned the possibility that it did already happen, and we all were in heaven. He then proceeded to take a sip of his vodka tonic, and replied, "This could be heaven. I'm happy!"

Haha, ok, no offense- although sitting back with a few friends, drinking, and having a good time would be great, I had something else in mind. I'd want to reunite with loved ones that have passed and share a few shots with them. Ohhh to have another beer with my dad again!

Well, I guess we'll see in October if we really did/didn't ascend into heaven. But I do like how ABC Family is showing Jurassic Park. You know, because the rapture's(raptors) gonna get you! Or not.

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