Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Follow along: June bug dress, part 2

All right! It's week 2 and what do I have? The second installment of the sew along! This is the section that Jess has us work on the bodice and buttonholes.

The really cute part about this dress is that it has a cute front flap that also functions as the method of getting in and out. The flap is secured with buttons and opens to allow easy wear and removal.

Here is that flap I was talking about. I'm amazed at how I can be so frustrated at my sewing machine in one minute, to have it working perfectly the next. For the most part, it worked without major issues and I even self-taught myself some overlock and other fanciness.

The front flaps were quite easy to put together following the instructions, it was need how it sort of looked like I was making a vest.

Piecing the vest pieces with the back was a little tricky. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right, and was a little worried that I might accidently close a critical opening!

It all worked out, and it's amazing how you can piece and sew, then iron, and it looks so professional. I got really excited, it was actually looking more like something you wear -- other than a scrap stash on my craft desk.

I know, camera phone pictures can be the worst. But who cares, I'm not going to take out a fancy DSLR, snap some professional photos, and take time to upload them. That's Ryan's job. So far he's got the first 2 steps. We had to get another memory card because he hasn't taken the time to upload pictures and/or we don't want to delete any cute pictures of Ella. *Shrug.*

It only took me six tries to get the buttonhole stitch down! So what if those were the six holes I made. Haha, from the front you can't really tell.

Bear with me. I'm almost done, I have many other projects to work on, but this blogging thing seems to distract from the projects. I have to keep remembering to take pictures or draft up something to post. It was so much easier when I wrote about not having any inspiration.

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