Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Follow along: June bug dress, part 1

A week ago, I saw a Sew Along for this June Bug Dress over at Craftiness Is Not Optional ("CINO"). I was really hoping to do it as a real sew along, you know where you actually complete the tasks on the day the post was published?

I already knew that I wanted to use my Marimekko fabric:

Per the pattern provided (2T), cut the pieces from the fabric:

Unfortunately, as made obvious by my previous post, I needed to purchase supplies for the project. One day, I will make my own buttons, until then, I must go on endless hunts to find notions that are unique, and still usable for my projects. So immediately, this project went from a sew-along, to sew-a-long.

I managed to keep up with Day 1 of 3, but on Day 2 is when I decided each day according to CINO will translate to week in my time. I have yet to finish Day 2. Will post when that's up...

**Did you spy my new cutting mat and fabric scissors? Yes, I splurged. Since everyone in the blogosphere has way cute tools, I wanted to feel like a real crafter, too.

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