Friday, August 12, 2011

Follow along: June bug dress, part 3

End of week 3, that means the dress should be D-O-N-E, right? Yah, well I was done with it a while ago, but I got lazy and didn't post. Anyway, after the issue with the buttons, everything was easy-peasy.

I finished the sleeves: They're gathered a little at the top to make a cute poof, and I hemmed a casing for the elastic arm holes.

I finished the bottom hem. I tried to do a double topstitch with a wide hem, to make it look all professional and such.

Turns out the dress is a little to big, so if she wears it, I need to pin the front (the flap hides the pins well and you can't even tell it's too big. I also pinned up the hem, you can't see the fancy stitch detail, but it's still cute.

Additionally, I added the bottom half of an old onesie inside the dress (no picture shown), it's attached where the bodice meets skirt. It helps keep her lady-like (as she's at the stage where she lifts up her dress for fun), and it won't be easy-to-lose like her gazillion other diaper covers that come with dresses...and if I wasn't so stingy with my marimekko, I probably would have made a matching one.

If you want to see this baby (and my baby) in action, here's a clip:

*Note on clip: We went out to dinner with friends and Ella was getting antsy. Daddy came to the rescue and took her on an adventure which included offroading in her stroller and (pretend) driving the car. She's so silly.

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