Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Internet superstar

I was flipping through the pictures on my phone, as I'm running out of space, and I don't want to waste precious storage with non-Ella pictures, when I stumbled on this picture.

The little munch has been sprouting like crazy. Between growth spurts, new teeth, and a newfound love of Trader Joe's Fruity Flakes (of course the one food I can't just go pick up for her, since Hawaii doesn't have Trader Joe's), we can hardly keep up with her antics.

Anyway, a few months ago, Ryan and I stopped in our tracks, jaws agape, at this little "big" girl.

Story goes like this -- I wake up at 5:30am on the weekdays and am out the door by 6. Ryan works closer to home and doesn't require to leave at dark o'clock to make it in on time. Ella will either sleep like a lump on a log or be bouncing off the walls - depending on the morning.

On this one occasion, the little munch was already awake so Ryan left her on our bed while he was in the bathroom getting ready for work. He walks out to see her bridged between the bed and his laptop stand, with the biggest, brightest grin on her face.

He hears her clicking away, and slightly worried, as macs have a gazillion shortcuts that will make your screen extremely zoomed in, with inverted colors, and a pop-up bubble detailing what your cursor is doing, that she's done some inconvenient, but not unreparable damage.

He walks over to see what the big smile is about:

She navigated to the campmor website, into the children's apparel, to shoes, to these winter boots, that also come in pink. This was the reason she was so happy.

I don't know how she got the browser open, typed in the url, clicked to the children's section, and went shoe shopping. Ryan was shocked. He texted me at work. I was shocked.

Ella is a genius.

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