Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrapping presents

I used to think that the wrapping was the gift. In fact, often times, the wrapping was more costly than the actual value of the gift!

Gifts from me were always too pretty to open, so my friends would find ways to preserve as much of the elements as possible. I loved using Kraft paper, beautiful handmade tissue papers, cellophane, gold leafing, mini ornaments, chiffon ribbons, rhinestones, etc. I could incorporate almost anything into the wrapping of a gift.

Now that the majority of my gifts go to kids, or folks that whip out sharp pocket knives to slice through all the "fluff", I just don't feel like putting in the effort. Not that I don't care about wrapping, just that unless you're turning a significant age, getting married, or having a kid, don't expect more than commercial wrapping paper or a gift bag stuffed with coordinating tissue. Also, if it's a time when everyone is receiving gifts, you can bet all your gifts will have a theme so I don't have to stop wrapping just to label it.

Can you tell which are for Ella? Yeah, and the rest of Ryan's gifts are wrapped in silver paper. Ha!

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