Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More bags for gifts

I really love making bags! I like making Ella's clothes, but the idea of a bag that can be used multiple times without needing to be laundered gives it a utility factor. Although, I'm pretty sure Ella has used her pajama pants that I've made her over 10 times already. ;)

So I decided to make a more neutral bag for my friend's son. Although I considered making it more "boyish", he's still an infant and she would get way more use out of it.

The bag fits a PBK bento box and a Thermos Foogo. The bag isn't insulated, but I figure it'd be more for dry snacks and the Foogo itself is great* at keeping drinks cold for hours!

I adjusted the measurements from the last bag, since this box was wider and shallower, and to accommodate the drink.

Regardless of size, I just love the bag itself for its finished look. It makes me look like an awesome sewer!

*Not a product endorsement, just speaking from experience.

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