Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prize balls

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was go to work with my "big sister". It's complicated, but I won't go into details at this time. There's a significant age difference, so basically, I was really young and she had a full on career.

She'd take me to work with her on the weekends, and we'd have lunch at Yum Yum Tree. I would always order the same thing - Teri chicken sandwich and fries. Sometimes we would go into Child's Play, an educational toy shop that I wanted my bedroom to look like.

On a few occasions she let me pick out a toy. I would always pick out a prize ball. It was basically a handful if novelty toys wrapped up in yards of crepe paper. Honestly, the toys were pretty lame, but the fun was in unwrapping it!

For some Christmas gifts this year, I decided to make my own prize balls! They're not as ball-shaped as I imagined, but hopefully they're still fun to open.

I added a rhinestone to indicate where to start unravelling. I made these for Ella's cousins. They usually give Ella a small gift, so I usually try to give them something as well. Last year, I made the older one a ruffle pencil pouch, with a set of colored pencils and an unruled composition book. The younger one, I made a set of those Anthro knock-off bracelets. I know it's not fancy, but handmade takes some time, so hopefully they realize the effort that goes into their gifts.

Again, since no one reads my blog, I can post what's in them!

It's all basically the same, but in different colors:

Each prize ball contains a shade of pink Essie nail color, a sparkly nail clipper, a nail file, a pair of handmade cabochon bobby pins, and two scented glitter pens.

Since they didn't grow up when prize balls were popular, I hope I don't have to explain that I didn't just give them a wadded up ball of streamers...

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