Thursday, October 11, 2012

Naptime fun

The preschool we plan on sending Ella to requires uniforms and that all students have standard items -- so there are less distractions on material goods and more focus on learning.  I grew up this way, and I agree, it's easy to get distracted by pretty Hello Kitty pencil boxes instead of Advanced Reading Skills workbooks.  Anyway, I knew I wouldn't need to be super-crafty-mom unless it was to come up with something for special celebrations.

Two and a half weeks ago, Ella started "school".  For the past 2 years, "popo" and "papa" (grandma and grandpa) watched her while Ryan and I were at work, but to free up some of their time and to get Ella used to being at school for a few hours everyday, we started sending her to a co-op with other kids her age.  Uh-oh, that means she can wear casual clothes and have customized personal items?!  Here comes super-crafty-mom!!

So it's only been two weeks, I haven't gotten crazy and made new outfits to correspond with a different pair of shoes for every day (although for a 2 year old, she does have a lot of shoes).  But I did try to make a sheet to cover her nap mat!

I whipped out my stash of Premier Prints Suzani in white and candy pink.  I bought 2 yards of it the year Ella was born.  I was initially going to make floor cushions for her bedroom, but just never got to it.

The description says it's supposed to be used for stuff like valences and bedskirts, can be laundered but not dried.  Well, you know what, I wash those things because it gets really dusty and I dry them because it takes too long to air-dry!  Plus, the little label from said it was "Sheeting".  I'm making a sheet right?  ...don't worry, I pre-washed/dried it and it was actually fine.  It just feels like a medium-weight percale.  It's probably more comfy than a thin sheet on those vinyl mats.  Plus at the time, it was only $6.98 a yard, cheaper than it's going for right now!
I modified the tutorial on making a fitted crib sheet from What the Hay to figure out the dimensions I needed.  Hopefully I can get that together and post about that soon!

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