Thursday, October 4, 2012

How do people find time to blog?

Whenever I want to know how to do something, I look to the internets.

Nevermind Pinterest.  I'm actually overwhelmed by Pinterest, sure it has lots of inspiration and most times includes more information on how to realize the inspiration, but really, it's everything that's been done already and if one person pinned it, I'm sure there 46 others that repinned it and 4 other similar pins using different photos.  Plus it's so easy to overwhelm yourself with, ooh I want to do that and that and that, and you end up with 15 different baby mobiles.  Maybe you'll have 15 kids so that assuming there is never another cute mobile in the future of the universe, you can put every idea to use, or maybe you'll have one kid and swap out the mobile 15 times.  Honestly, I'm thinking 2 kids are good, and one mobile design for each will suffice.  So Pinterest aside, I look to the internets.  Yes, I do have several dozen blogs in my reader that I use for inspiration, but it never seems as overwhelming.

I have an idea of what I want to do and if I can't figure it out myself, I want to search the internets (btw, yes I have been adding an "s" for hilarity sake) and hope that someone has tried to do it or maybe even posted a tutorial on how to do it.  It actually bums me out when there isn't a blog post dedicated to what I want to do.

I usually have a spark that says, "Hey!  I should figure out how to do it, make a tutorial, and post it so that other people that may want to do something similar won't have to reinvent the wheel!" But then I decide to just figure out how to do it and not even bother with a tutorial, let alone let people know that I've done it.

With this in mind, I am extremely grateful for those bloggers who create wonderful tutorials.  How to they do it?  How do they find the time to post (consistently), create tutorials, raise kids, have decorations, have jobs, etc.?!  The last time I posted was in February.  Yes, 8 months ago, that February.  Sure, I've quickly drafted posts to get edited and published later, but obviously, later hasn't arrived.

So, with renewed motivation, let's get to posting!  ...maybe. 

My Fave 5 Blogs for Inspiration, in no particular order:

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