Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I may be biased

WAIT!  Mr. Postman... wai-ai-ai-ait Mr. Postman.

According to the tracking on my package, it should get delivered soon!  The estimate is for tomorrow, but it's been tagged in the area since Saturday.  I really hope it comes (today??).  I got so excited that I started cutting out the bias strips I need to finish a project I'm working on.

I'm glad I figured out how to do the piecing and sewing and cutting the other day, because sewing that tube was really wonky!  I have to admit, it was really fast.  With a fat quarter of fabric, I cut enough to make 3 yard bias strip in minutes.

So now I'm just waaaaiting on USPS.  At least they're government workers and will finish delivering mail by 5.  Recently, Fedex and UPS have been delivering my packages after 8pm, if I'm lucky!  Sometimes I check at 9pm, nothing, then when I leave for work at 6am there's a package sitting outside the door.  Uhh, yah, no further comments. 

Update:  As I was backing into the driveway when I got home, what did I see in the reverse camera?  My box came!!! Yipee!  I tested it out with that strip I made, and it was delightful.  During the few seconds it took to make all those nice folds I was smiling at the thought of not having to do it by hand.

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