Friday, October 12, 2012

Because I felt left out

Last week I posted about making a shirt to match daddy, as if I needed yet another way to match my daughter! 

You know when you have your first kid, and you make a huge checklist of all the things you'll need in the hospital during labor and after delivery?  You pack a huge duffel and tote around another bag of items you need to access quickly, yet you barely use any of it?  Well, these pants were one of those items.  I bought a pajama set for $5 on clearance at Walmart for the purpose of comfy, oversized clothes that I don't mind getting hospital goo on.  I did use it -- it didn't need to be as oversized (after the baby comes out you aren't that bloated and huge), and well, that's the only time I used it.  It sat in my box of maternity items for the next time I was pregnant.

I'm still not close to being able to fit them, but I realized they are way too long for my liking.  I much prefer capri/cutoff style pajama pants instead of the ones that bunch at my ankles.  I don't live in a cold climate, so being cozy in your pjs is actually suffocating.

So, I shortened the pant legs to make them more like long shorts.

Then used the scrap material to make matching capris for Ella!

No specific pattern was used to make these.  I've already made her a couple pajama pants anyway, so I knew the basic sizing and assembly to get these done.  Instead of using a 1" elastic, I used 1/2" because that's what I had at the cutting table at the time.  I actually like the skinnier elastic.  It's probably easier for her to slip off for potty time, too.

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