Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eats: Your Kitchen

I don't only read craft blogs. I like reading food-related blogs and Hawaii-related blogs, too. Especially, food-related blogs based in Hawaii!

In a post by The Fashionable-Foward Foodie, she wrote about Your Kitchen. It's basically a hole in the wall place in a middle of residential strip mall, with a very limited menu.

I tried the pork bowl and shave ice. Definitely a fan. Ryan also had the pork bowl, and we decided we'd share with Ells, it's probably better if we just bought her one! She pretty much ate a third of mine, and some from Ryan's. At least if she had her own, we could've split her leftovers (if there were any). It takes a while for them to prepare the food, so if you suspect you may want another bowl, order it ahead of time. Haha... you think I'm kidding.

It also comes with a panko-crusted soft boiled egg. OMG! It's so delicious, I experimented the next morning to recreate it. I was unsuccessful as my soft boil turned full cook with the additional quick deep fry. Plus, I didn't have the shoyu-sugar-mirin glaze from the pork to drizzle on top.

The shave ice is pretty delicious as well. It's comparable to Waiola and the cart outside the Waikele Sports Authority. It's fine, but not melty like Ice Garden. The homemade syrups are mouthwatering. I'm not a coconut fan, but the haupia is GOOD. On another visit (yes, we had to get more pork bowls, so we came back.. immediately after a luncheon), I tried some of the homemade strawberry. Wow, I have an intolerance for strawberries, but boy, that was delicious, it was like pureed strawberries drizzled on fine ice shavings. Yum. Definitely will go back!

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