Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eats: Catania

For work, I'm in charge of ordering lunch for an upcoming training. Some suggestions were to do a family style pasta. It was narrowed down to two options: Catania and Bishop Street Cafe.

Both have really great pastas, but of course I volunteered to try them out!

Today, I tried Catania. This is their linguine and meat sauce.

I'm pretty (100%) sure that's not linguine, but oh well. It was delicious and the roasted veggie garnish added a nice crunch. The portion was really generous and I could only eat half.

The leftovers will be for Ella's dinner. Or tomorrow's lunch, if I forget to bring it home.

Unfortunately, this place has been disqualified from being an option. It's cash only -- the place we order from needs to accept AMEX.

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