Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank you cards

And just when I thought the whole party thing was behind us -- THANK YOU CARDS! No, I didn't forget, we were waiting on a few things (finishing the letters for Ella to hold, taking the pictures, piecing the pictures together, ordering cards).

After the Christmas card issue (we paid $80 for 120 photo cards from snapfish), and getting smarter for Ella's invitations (we paid $25 for 100 photo cards from sams club) but then had to order custom envelopes to fit the ridiculous size they gave us, so add $50. I realized, "Ahhhh just get the ones we want. What's the big deal?!"

In my BirchBox last month, there was a promotional flyer for Tiny Prints. I checked out the website. Wow. Expensive! I get that it's intended for custom, individual cards that are mailed directly to the recipient, and is probably cheaper than buying a card from Hallmark and mailing it. Though, it's so automated that it loses the personal touch. Anyway, $3.99 a card for "Pay as you go" membership. Whatever, I did find a layout I liked and I happened to have that promotional code.

Ryan helped me get the photo ready, and we ordered the cards. The promotional code took 50% off the cost, so it was only $100 for 50 folded greeting cards. I think they came out really cute~!

Front of card

Inside of card

Back of card

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