Sunday, June 5, 2011

More room stuff

It was my job to paint the closet doors.

I'm really not cut out for this painting thing. It's definitely not hereditary because my dad was a painter by trade and he probably would've had the whole room painted (including the closet door) in half a day and not have to touch up anything.

I accepted that I suck at painting and if there are areas that don't look nice, oh well.

You know what does look nice? My shutter blinds! Ryan installed them for me, and they look fantastic! I still have to go through and remove the extra length, but that's the easy part. I can't imagine how terrible it'd look if I installed it myself. Oh yah, and he even flipped the fan blades to the white side for me!

You know what I realized today? I asked for the teal wall paint in eg-shel and it was made in semi-gloss. Now, I have to be extra careful in what touches the paint, everything sticks and leaves residue. Especially paper. Oh well.

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