Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy bodies

I'm still around!  I'm still crafting...sorta.  Just not blogging.  It's been a crazy few weeks.

I put crafting on hold so I could clean the house.  Let's just say we had a bunch of guests come through and we didn't need them to know I was stash builder and dust hoarder.  The sewing machine went into hiding and only recently peeked out from it's cover.

I made two dresses from a jersey knit sheet I snagged from Ross'.  The dresses are navy blue and gorgeous when paired with my natural brown leather belt to cinch the waist.  I didn't have a matching purse to complement the outfit, so I had to save my lunch money.  Ahh the cost of coordination and looking fabulous!  I guess I should've taken some pictures of the complete outfit (not that I need proof I did it, but I do have this blog after all).  I really liked how they turned out, I actually wore one to a work function and received a lot of compliments! 

I'm also studying for the PHR exam, which I will be taking in 2 months.  It's been a few years since college and a few years since the last time I took an exam (that I needed to learn and study), so I've limited my crafting (and DVR watching) to study.  I DO realize that I need to find time for both, as Christmas is 10 weeks away and a majority of the gifts include handmade items.  I've created a schedule with chapters, review, and test prep, by week, so if I can finish the tasks for the week, the rest of the time I can spend crafting.  Let's just say I have yet to finish my weekly plan early.

If you don't see anything from me from now until December 10th, I'm busy.  If you do, scold me and tell me to get back to studying!  Just kidding :)  I actually have a few posts "in the edit" so I may update them and get them out of draft limbo.  But I really must study.  Really.

Here's a little peek of how it's coming with the holiday goodies:
Twill tape labels (picture from

No kidding, "peek"!  Haha, it's not actually anything I've made.  It's only the labels I've ordered to stick on the handmade items.  Anyway, I got the idea from Crafterhours and knew I wanted to do something similar for my items (not that I sell them or anything, but it definitely adds a professional touch).  I contacted the folks over at and within a few hours I had a working sample and was able to place my order.  By the next day, I was invoiced, paid out the amount, and my order was in the mail.  I love great customer service!  They just came in, and they are lovely.  The pictures do not do these justice.  I think I may experiment with some grosgrain in the future.

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