Monday, October 17, 2011

Shower gifts - from before

I upgraded the IOS on my phone and realized (after 15 minutes of sync time) that I should take some photos off the camera.  It turns out I had some pictures of a mother-baby set I made back in January!  Before I deleted them, I uploaded them to share.  I made a hospital gown, nursing cover, and a set of 6 burp cloths.

The story behind the gift:  The shower was for a good friend, and I was a little late on starting the gift (try the night before the shower).  Actually, we all were a little late.

My other friend and I were in charge of games and prizes (she came over the afternoon before the shower).  BUT, let me tell you, we had this awesome idea to do a blind hunt for baby items. We took a large computer box, cut out a pair of arm holes (2 sets across from each other) and wrapped it with pretty paper.  We then filled the box with an assortment of baby items (bulb syringe, baby bottle, sippy cup, medicine syringe, diaper, bibs, onesie, feeding spoons, pacifier, lotion, baby food jar, etc) and similarly shape/textured gag items (new XL disposable undies from the hospital, XL pad from the hospital, baby food jar filled with silly stuff, pens, water-soiled diaper, etc).  We had the party split into two teams and had them race to find items using only their sense of touch to identify items.  It was hilarious!  We had the father of the mother-to-be pull out the XL undies thinking it was a onesie.  We had another person pull out a baby jar filled with Tums instead of fruit puree.  The best part, the baby items were all from the couple's registry anyway, so as a bonus they mostly got items they requested!

The prizes for the games were cute.  We did a variety of snacks, reusable containers, and a few small crafty items.  I really should have taken pictures of those.  They were really cute.  I guess I can recreate them for another event and post about it.

Anyway, here are my creations:

Hospital gown front, with contrast bias binding on neckline

Hospital gown back, with tie at neck

Hospital gown shoulder, velcro enclosure

Hospital gown and nursing cover

Nursing cover, contrast neck straps

Nursing cover, inside terry pocket detail

Nursing cover and burp cloths

Burp cloths

These are all super easy to make.  I honestly started this the night before and managed to finish everything before the party (which was at noon).  I really should make a bunch for reserve gifts.  For close friends, of course I would pick out prints that match their baby theme, but now that I'm in that age group that is constantly having kids, it makes sense to have quick gifts at the ready.

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