Saturday, September 3, 2011

Knits? Not?

I can't say this will be my first time working with knits.  I refashioned a fan shirt for our football team by hand.  I also had to fix the hem on a (fairly) new tank top that started to unravel.  I also made a quick shoulder tote from a t-shirt.  I found each experience to be tedious and frustrating.

So why am I posting?  I want to make matching t-shirts for me and the munch!

I started with one of my favorite tops, it's a teal striped tee from BR factory that I got for 10 bucks!  Don't worry, I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy more.  The next weekend, it was back at $25.  Anyway, I needed a pattern and sizing, so I folded the top in half and did a rough sketch - including seam allowances.  If you're wondering about the paper -- it's an old roll of butcher paper that Ella colors all over.

I know people buy knit fabric, but I'm being cheap here and I don't want to spend money on yardage if I end up hating it.  I went to Ross' and got a XL Twin set of jersey for $8.99.  That's a pillow case, flat sheet, and fitted sheet -- for the price of 1 yard!   

You know what's also great about having a sheet set?  That's right, finished edges!  I cut out my pattern using the finished edges for some of the hems, I actually used the pillow case for my top.  I basically only needed to cut the neck hole and arm holes.  I will either take in the sides if needed, or leave it straight.  We'll see how it turns out first.

Using another finished edge, I cut out my sleeves.

In the process, I also cut out Ella's pieces, too.  I didn't use the finished edge on her sleeves -- I didn't want to waste too much fabric (I figured if this turned out well, I may want to make matching maxi dresses with the leftovers) and honestly I didn't think about using the finished edge for the sleeves until after I cut hers out.

That was a lot for one night, hopefully since all the pieces are cut, and all I have to do is assemble, I'll actually finish and it won't be sitting on the craft table for the next week.

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