Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Food finds and waiting

I recently stumbled on a gem of a lunch spot. It's called OEC Cafe (oishii!), and they feature 3 daily specials a week. It's a good thing it's weekly, because it's a trek to get there. I've been wanting to try the vegan cold noodle for a few weeks, and since I was in the vicinity, I decided to go for it!

It was a variation of zaru soba with a goma tsuyu. It came with a side of marinated fried tofu on a bed of wild rice and quinoa and an onigiri with takuan. It was tasty and filling!

I've tried several of their other dishes and enjoyed them all. Hopefully they'll stick around so I can try more of their offerings.

Oh and I'm waiting for UPS. They are taking FOR-freaking-EVER. I thought if I started my post for today, I would get interrupted mid-thought. Unfortunately, I seem to have finished my post and still no delivery. I do have to go to the bathroom... maybe then the doorbell will ring?

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