Wednesday, November 30, 2011

YuZu have to try this place

YuZu Restaurant
410 Atkinson Dr
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 943-1155

Located on the ground floor of the Ala Moana Hotel, YuZu, the most recent work of Chef Isamu (Hale Macrobiotic), offers a cute lunch spot with mouthwatering options.

This yuzu honey drink is made from deep sea water.  It was really good.  Almost like a non-alcoholic mojito, but at the alcoholic price.  The cute straw wrapper accent was cute.  Almost makes you want to do it everytime.

Lightly salted edamame and a watercress-lettuce salad.  The watercress is local from Watanabe Farms and had a very mild flavor, the yuzu dressing was also good. 

The lunch menu comes as a set, you choose the main entree that varies day by day.  I selected the daily special: Spicy Tan Tan Udon.  The udon noodles came in a large pot of water with a smaller bowl of the dipping broth.  The dipping broth was a spicy sesame medley of tender slices of chicken and mushrooms.  I enjoyed it and would defintely order it again.

As an additional add-on, you can choose a set.  I wanted to try the yakitori and temari sushi combo.  The yakitori had two skewers: one teriyaki and one shio yuzu.  Delicious!  So tender, so flavorful.  YUM.  The temari, wowzah!  The shoyu yuzu was already in the rice, so no additional flavor was needed, and the fish was delicious.  One tuna and one salmon with ikura.  I honestly don't like salmon or ikura.  But with whatever that white stuff was, made it awesome.  The wasabi and pickled ginger helped a little, too.

I would definitely go again.  In fact, I went on a Wednesday, then on that Saturday while dining in the area , I suddenly realized we should have gone their instead.  Then I vowed to suggest it next time we're shopping and looking for somewhere to grind.

Next time, I hope to try the Beef Sukiyaki Udon and the various Vegetable Sushi.  What?  Carrot puree like uni?  Tomato like maguro?  Mushrooms like unagi?  That's crazy talk.  Crazy delicious talk!

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