Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is in a name

A lot of older people have mentioned to me how much they love that we named Ella.   I get the occasional, "Is it because of Twilight?" -- which, by the way, the character's name is Isabella or Bella.  Not Ella.  Although I may have been reading the books before I was pregnant, it wasn't our inspiration.

Ryan really wanted to name our first daughter Kaylee.  I really liked the name, too.  Until our friends named their daughter Kaylie.  So that got crossed off our list.  We also liked the name Addison, "Addy" for short.  Until our PCP named her daughter Maddison (our other friends had a daughter a few months after us and named her Madisyn, so fortunately we weren't the name stealers that time..).  I really wanted the name Calla.  Like the lily.  But some people thought that was lame.  Shrug.

As we were driving from the ultrasound doctor's office, we were just talking and I said, "What about Ella?"  The sound just resonated.  We both loved it.  There were no more discussions on what we would name our daughter.  It's elegant, it's simple.  It's the same name as Ella Fitzgerald.  Although it's not the inspiration, many older people have stated that they love that we named Ella, and how much they love Ella Fitzgerald. 

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