Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PHR Certification -- Goal achieved!

That's right, I passed!

Ok, I admit, I spent a little too much time making Christmas ornaments, sewing handmade gifts, and shopping for/wrapping presents, and not enough time studying.

If not for the munchkin, I may not have studied at all!  Ryan has had to go in at night to work, so it was just me and Ella for a handful of nights.  She's in the phase where she is very attached and very needy.  She wants someone to sit with her until she falls asleep.  There's not much I could do besides read (there was Family Feud for the iPad, but I limited myself to Fast Money rounds and up to 3 full games a night).  Plus, all the overtime helped solidify my understanding of labor laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Woohoo!  Yes, I realize how dorky that sounded.

Anyway, I'm in overdrive as I'm trying to "wrap up" everything before Christmas -- in less than 2 weeks!  Hopefully, I'll find some downtime to snap a few shots and get some posts scheduled :)

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