Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Over ambitions

Funny how the 'n' can be rotated to a 'u', and then it becomes 'over ambitious'. Definitely me.

Ryan has many ways to describe me: 'tylapical' (an exaggeration of the word 'typical'), 'you don't make sense' (ironic, considering the previous description), and (his favorite) 'too ambitious'.


Everything I do is just SO 'in my nature'. I injure myself frequently, I have canned responses to questions, and I have expected reactions to everything.

If I'm 'tylapical', things I do or say otherwise wouldn't make sense. But since that makes sense, am I still non-sensical? But when things just don't happen, they go unrecognized and so it actually is something that is in my nature as well, so I do make sense. Maybe that just means I'm a wild card: unpredictably predictable.

too ambitious
Fo sho! I have lofty goals that I hardly achieve. Or rather, that are eventually achieved... after an indefinite amount of time.

So what ambitions do I have? Chef. Seamstress. Crafter. Guitarist. Blogger.

It amazes me how some people can do all of these, or at least excel in multiple areas. Granted, most are SAHMs, but many aren't. They're system analysts, physicians, ICU nurses, in addition to being mothers, and are proficient in the same thing I wish to be.

I am starting this new blog as a tribute to my daughter.

If I want to teach her that it's ok to be ambitious and she can do anything, I have to prove that it's possible.

So, for now, let's start with one ambition: Blogger.
...And after a few days of sitting on this post, I finally have my first entry! BTW, how many posts does it take to be considered a Blogger??

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